New Organization Level Membership Dues

CAzBike encourages local and national participation by clubs and businesses. Therefor we are offering to discount our membership rate to those so involved. Your membership dues are important, but more important is your communication and participation! We hope our new fee schedule will allow you to support CAzBike as well leave funds for other national and local support.

Organization, Full Dues $150/yr, or with one affiliation $100/yr, or two affiliations $75/yr (see table below for eligible affiliations). Please help improve cycling in Arizona, JOIN or RENEW now! As always, donations in any amount are accepted.

If you are a:

Eligible Affiliate Organizations:

Bicycle Club LAB / IMBA / Thunderhead Alliance
Business Sponsor LAB / IMBA / Thunderhead Alliance / ABC / Flagstaff Bicycling / GABA Tucson / GABA West Valley / MBAA / PMBC / Prescott Alt
Trans / Prescott Chain Gang / Sonoran Desert Mountain Bicyclists / VVCC / Other …


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