East-Valley Map Volunteers needed

Many of you may not know it, but volunteers from the Coalition, led by Peter Mather, endeavor to deliver and keep stocked all Maricopa County bike shops with MAG (Maricopa Association of Gov’ts) Bikeways Maps. This is a huge task.

Peter needs your help — in particularly he is seeking 2 to 3 new volunteers to deliver maps to shops in the the east valley – Mesa, Tempe, Chandler, Gilbert, and Queen Creek area; you would be assigned 8-10 shops closeby your residence; or perhaps by your work.  It’s best if the volunteer can go to the MAG ( office in the Valley Metro building in downtown Phoenix to pick up the boxes of maps, but if not I can maybe figure out how to get the maps to that person.  The volunteer with then  vist  the shops about once every two months to restock them.
It’s a great opportunity to help you your fellow cyclits (and would-be cyclists!) and get to know and interact with the bike-shop community as well.

Please contact Peter if you can help at peterm@cazbike.org


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